(KPL) ASEAN ministers have committed to lift the quality of life of people in the region through cooperative activities that are people-oriented, people-centered and inclusive with environmental friendly and geared towards the promotion of sustainable development with the slogan “Socially Responsible and Community”.

“To appreciate such commitment in practice, the social welfare and development sector has been trying all its efforts in dealing with social issues including the promotion and protection of human rights, in particular the rights of children, elderly people, persons with disabilities facilities for those in needs so they have equal rights and accessibility as well as ensuring that no one is left behind,” Deputy Prime Minister Somdy Douangdy told the opening ceremony of the 10th ASEAN Ministerial Meeting on Social Welfare and Development and Related Meetings in Vientiane on November 21, 2019.

“Over the past years, the cooperation on social welfare and development in ASEAN has been widely and deeply strengthened in a more effective way. Especially, the coordination mechanism for this sector is harmonized and integrated with other relevant sectors with a focus on the implementation of ASEAN Social-Culture Community Blueprint 2025, ASEAN Strategic Framework on Social Welfare and Development 2016-2020,” said the Deputy Prime Minister.

The ASEAN Social Welfare and Development sector is among others interpreting the commitment of the ASEAN Social-cultural Community to lift up the well-being, livelihood of ASEAN people through consultative and cooperative activities within ASEAN and with dialogue partners, according to the Minister of Labour and Social Welfare Khampheng Xaysompheng.

The main activities focus on dealing with social issues including the promotion and protection of human rights particularly the rights of children, elderly, persons with disabilities and vulnerable groups of people in ASEAN by removing barriers and building accessibility.