(KPL) The result of the 6th Lao Consumption and Expenditure Survey has suggested that each household in the country spends 2.63 million kip per month, up from 2.05 million kip recorded in the 2012-2013 study.

People spend more money on food sharing a 73.6% stake of spending in the household. The Lao PDR has more than 1.27 million households.

On average each household has a size of 4.7 people, decreasing from 5.2 people in the previous survey.

The latest survey findings show that 80% of villages have access to all-season roads and 89.5% to electricity.

Up to 90.6% of population have access to safe water. The latest study also shows an improved access to sanitation facilities with only 19.6% lacking access to toilets.

Of the total villages, 82.9% have primary schools, and net enrolment rate among children of 6-10 years of age has been slightly decreased.

Farm households share 55.8% of the total households in the country with non-farm households sharing only a 15.5% stake, slightly decreasing from the 2012-2013 survey.

Poverty rate has been reduced to 18.3%, from 23.2% reported seven years ago.