Group photograph taken at the Laos-Singapore Cooperation Centre in Vientiane during the Closing Ceremony of the Teaching English as a Second Language-Curriculum Planning and Pedagogy (Train-The-Trainer) course on Aug 30, 2019

(KPL) The Singapore Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored a three-week training course on “Teaching English as a Second Language-Curriculum Planning and Pedagogy (Train-The-Trainer)” for 22 Lao government officials from 12 to 30 August 2019. 

The course, which was held at the Laos-Singapore Cooperation Centre, was conducted by Ms Joyce SeowSiewEng from Green Olive Tree, Singapore.  

This course aimed to introduce participants to the theory and practice of teaching English as a second language and to provide an insight on how to be an effective English teacher.

Mr Khamsy Tonpraserth, a lecturer at the National University of Laos, whom attended the course, said that he had learnt new techniques in lesson planning and he was motivated to transform his teaching methods to better engage his students.

 The course was conducted under the auspices of the Initiative for ASEAN Integration (IAI).

Under the IAI, Singapore conducts 20 to 30 courses a year at the Lao-Singapore Cooperation Centre, focusing on areas of public governance, trade facilitation, urban management, health and well-being, civil aviation and education such as English Language training.

About 600 Lao officials are trained each year; to-date, more than 13,000 Lao government officials have benefited from the ministry’s various training programmes under the Singapore Cooperation Programme since 1993.