Phu Bia Mining Facilitates The Donation Of Medical Supplies To Community Health Centers In Xaysomboun

(KPL) Phu Bia Mining (PBM) has facilitated the delivery of medical supplies to community healthcare centres in the Xaysomboun province villages of Nam Ngone, Nam Mo and Nasaysavang.

Sourced from private donations in Queensland, Australia, the supplies will help community healthcare professionals deliver primary healthcare to those living in villages close to where the company operates. 

PBM Chairman, Mr Chanpheng Bounnaphol thanked the donors for their generosity, noting that it fits within the company’s commitment to making a meaningful and long-term contribution in its communities.

“In Laos, poor health is an issue that impacts many rural communities. Factors that drive this are underpinned by poverty.

“The Company’s philosophy is that wherever it operates, it collaborates with local authorities to improve socio-economic livelihoods in the region. Improved access to quality healthcare is one of the company’s focus areas.

“On behalf of PBM and its Board of Directors, I would like to personally thank the people responsible for this donation. It will help PBM improve the quality of healthcare available to those living in our priority villages,” Mr Bounnaphol said.