(KPL)The University of Savannakhet launched on Sep 4 a project to improve its university governance in relation to a quality approach.

This project is supported and financed by the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and will last 3 years.

The opening ceremony saw the presence of Mr Bounhueang Ninchaleun, Vice President of Savannakhet University, Mr. Laurent Sermet, Professor at the Institute of Political Studies of Aix en Provence, and Mr. Antoine Blomqvist, Head of the AUF Office in Vientiane.

In his inaugural speech, the Vice-President highlighted the challenges facing this young university (established in 2009) and the importance for it to strengthen its governance skills through the implementation of a quality approach policy.

“This quality approach project aims to support the university’s staff and decision makers in analyzing its social, economic and political environment, as well as its resources in order to define medium and long-term strategic choices. The quality approach applies to many areas, from training, research and administration to partnership and human resources policies,” said Mr. Antoine Blomqvist.

This project begins with a week of training and workshops led by Mr. Laurent Sermet, expert in quality approach who has been working with AUF Regional Office in Hanoï and a committee of French-speaking experts for 6 years on this approach.

At the end of the first day of training, Mr Laurent Sermet declared: “I am very interested to discover this university. I know that this quality approach workshop may seem, at first, challenging and complex. However, I am convinced that, in the long term, it will provide all staff with greater ease of organization and a better understanding of the service to be provided by the university to students and the Lao society.”